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The Pepperlane Method


What is the Pepperlane Method?

Pepperlane’s goal is to help you build a business that fits into your life. That means making sure you get the most out of every minute and every dollar you spend on your business.

That’s why we’ve worked with thousands of business owners to understand what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to starting, growing and sustaining a service business.

The result is the Pepperlane Method: the 5 core skills practiced by our most successful members.

The Pepperlane Method: 5 Core Skills

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Lead with Generosity

Start, grow and sustain your business by leading with generosity in relationships with partners, collaborators and customers. Give and get support in the Pepperlane community.


Find your niche

Explore whether there is a market for your services. Find your first few raving customers. Understand the basics of starting a business and evaluate whether your income potential will be worth your time and effort.

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Deliver quality service

Learn how to set and exceed customers’ expectations, no matter what type of business you’re in. Learn how to price your service effectively. Discover what makes your service unique and how to continually improve.


Tap into your market

Learn to use your network and the meaningful connections you make through Pepperlane to get the word out about your business. Learn how to reach potential customers and make sure your service speaks to their needs. Learn how to build trust and cultivate raving fans for repeat business. 

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Take care of yourself

Regular rest, reflection and self-care are part of running a business that works for your life. Get strategies to incorporate (guilt-free!) self-care into your routine. Get help from other Pepperlane members to keep your business and your life running smoothly. Do what you love; outsource what you don’t! 

Pepperlane’s events, training programs and tools are built to help you learn and practice these core skills, one day at a time.