Calling all mothers; join us to offer your incredible skills to the world. We'll show you how.

Go from stuck to unstoppable

The Pepperlane Pathway is a training plan for your business. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of special knowledge you need to have and the number of decisions you need to make to make progress towards your business goals, the Pathway is here for you.

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Don't go it alone.

The magic of the Pathway is that you’ll be matched with a small group of like-minded business owners. Over the course of your time together, you'll trade advice, feedback, and encouragement.

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Focus on what matters, a little each day.

Each Pathway program includes one assignment and one 90-minute group webinar per week. We'll cover topics such as how to find customers through social media, how to network effectively, how to get more repeat business, and more. All while giving you personalized attention and support to focus your energy where it will make a difference.

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Move forward on your terms.

You choose when and how to work the Pathway into your life. We'll remind you about each week's lesson, but if you need to skip a lesson, we get it; life happens. You'll have our judgement-free support, always.  

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Take breaks, and take care.

When you're training for a marathon, recovery days are as important as training days. We believe the same is true for building your business, so we make sure to include some time for breaks, reflection and self-care. Because you can't pour from an empty cup.  


Put theory into practice. Get feedback.

Part of your Pathway "homework" is to put what you learn into practice by sharing with your peers. You may even find your next customer through your Pathway group; or become a customer yourself! (Fair warning: hiring other Pepperlane members can be habit-forming...)   

Upcoming Pathway Programs


Attract More Customers Pathway

This 4-week Pathway is designed to help you increase your visibility to your ideal customer. Get accountability and personalized feedback on how to build your audience on social media.

Wow More Customers Pathway
This 4-week Pathway maps out how to improve your customer’s experience, increasing your repeat rates and referrals. Learn personalized systems to enhance your customer's experience (and as a bonus, your profitability!)

Close More Customers Pathway

This 5-week Pathway guides you to increase your sales conversion rate. Get personalized recommendations on how you can make the most out of every lead you have in your business.


Do meaningful work that fits your life. 
We're here to help you shine, every step of the way.

Member Testimonials

Alison Ballentyne.png

“I enjoyed every minute of the Pathway. It offered me daily strategies without feeling too much to do. Whenever I struggled, I knew I could reach out for support. There were challenges for me at times, but I never felt alone."

—  Allison Ballentyne

Kimberly Lurie.png

“Before I went through the Pathway program I was overwhelmed with where to start, and found the daily content incredibly useful. The practical lessons, support from Pepperlane staff, and feedback from my Pathway friends was invaluable.

I now feel energized about my business, and can't wait for the next course!”

—  Kimberly Lurie

Nicole LeGuern.png

"Pepperlane Pathway has exceeded my expectations in every possible way! Going through the 4-week group program has grown and strengthened my business and practices. I have met some incredible like-minded women and believe there will be lifelong connections as well as business partnerships with some of them.


The value from the Pathway program is priceless. I recommend every mom wanting more for their business take advantage of this opportunity. You won't regret it!"  

—  Nicole LeGuern