Calling all mothers; join us to offer your incredible skills to the world. We'll show you how.
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Our story

We started Pepperlane because we wanted to create better work options for mothers.

We began by listening. We heard hundreds of stories from women of all ages and all different backgrounds who were searching for the same thing: a way to earn an income that actually fit into their lives.

But it was never just about the money. So many of the women we spoke with wanted to find a way to live up to their own potential; to use all of their skills to create something for themselves and improve the lives of others.   

All of these conversations are what led us to build Pepperlane. Ever since, we've been hard at work pulling together the community, tools and resources we need to make this vision a reality. 

Much like motherhood, it has been a challenging journey: full of highs, lows, twists and turns. But through it all, we have been growing, learning and evolving.

We have seen glimpses of what can happen when we rewrite the rules of entrepreneurship with the joys and responsibilities of family life in mind. We've seen the new possibilities created when women commit to supporting each other. 

We keep going because we believe in you. We have seen how talented you are, how resourceful, how passionate. We've seen how access to the right knowledge, connections and supportive community can transform a woman struggling to do it alone into a confident and successful independent business owner.    

Do you believe that if we want to see a more supportive world for mothers, we need to build it ourselves? Do you believe we need to lift each other up and create our own possibilities?

If so, then please join us.  Let's rewrite the rules together, one day at a time.

Our Team


Sharon Kan
Co-founder and CEO

Sharon is a mother of two daughters. She built 4 startups that were acquired by Oracle, Microsoft, Infor and Barnes & Noble. She co-founded WIN, the Women Innovating Now Lab at Babson College to help female entrepreneurs start their businesses. Over the course of her career, Sharon has mentored over 150 female CEOs and business owners. One fact about Sharon that you won't guess: she loves to skateboard when no one is watching.


Jess Petersen
Co-founder and VP Product & Technology

Jess is a mom of two, an avid runner, and a tech nerd. She's spent her career building products at Boston startups like Carbonite (NASDAQ: CARB) and Hopper from the very earliest stages into successful companies with millions of users. Sharon talked her into starting Pepperlane when she was 6 months pregnant with her second baby. What could possibly go wrong?


Kate Keough

Kate joined Pepperlane from her previous role as COO of Paint Nite, where she presided over 36,000% revenue growth in 3 years. Seriously.  She is not a mom herself, but as the oldest of 6 kids, she has serious respect for all that moms do (and what they are capable of!)


Diane Meehan
Events Manager

Diane also joined Pepperlane from Paint Nite, where she was ranked in the top 1% of Paint Nite licensees across the country for 4 years and grew her social painting business to over $6 million in sales in less than 5 years. As a divorced mom to 3 girls, she is particularly skilled in time management, organization, and eye-roll interpretation.


Rachel Moyer
Community Manager

Rachel is a mom, an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for kids and families in the Philadelphia area. Somehow we also convinced her to join Pepperlane when she was 6 months pregnant with her second... is this going to be a trend? 



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