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One-on-One Health and Wellness Coaching - 10% Discount for Pepperlane Members!

One on one health coaching is perfect for those that prefer complete personalized attention. My health and wellness coaching program is a habit based (or practice-based) client-centered coaching methodology based on change psychology. This approach will help you develop new skills and make positive changes for lifelong healthy eating. There are no meal plans, food “rules”, gimmicks or supplements/shakes to purchase, only the skills to help you make the best choices for you with one on one coaching.

Topics will include a full assessment of what you are ready willing and able to change, understanding your habits, learning to eat slowly and to eat to full not stuffed. Additional topics will include hand size portion control, education on better choices and breaking down all habits to create the change needed for you to have a successful, positive weight loss journey. Together we focus on what’s working, as it is all about progress, not perfection and learning to be comfortable with health at any size!

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