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Pepperlane Leader

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Build your business, build your community: Become a Pepperlane Leader

What's a Pepperlane Leader? Our PLLs are passionate Pepperlane members and advocates who are active in their communities and want to help local moms who don't think the current work options are working for them.

We're looking for the “connectors to know” in local communities who are passionate about supporting other women, who also run their own independent business. We reward their great work with commissions, perks, and ongoing training to benefit their businesses and also lead inspiring & impactful events!

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What you’ll give

· Coordinate a monthly-ish event setup

· Authentically promote events to your networks

· Facilitate a 90-minute event - help keep meetings on track, provide a supportive environment, and guide the group to think members first (over self-promotion)


What you’ll get


· Heightened visibility in your community as a Leader

· Event compensation starting at $100 per 90 minute meeting

· Ongoing leadership training· 

· You grow as we grow - perks as your local community grows

· Promotion of you and your business on our social channels

· Opportunities for quarterly recognition & VIP events

To apply, please complete this form and we will be in touch for a phone interview.


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Build your business, grow your network and support your community.